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Looking to donate your furniture? Check out these donation centers

Reasons to donate furniture

Donating furniture is a great way to help families in need, while also helping the environment. Not only does donate furniture reduce waste, but it also helps struggling families who cannot afford them. Even if you are a renter, donating your furniture is a great way to get rid of large items when moving. This prevents landlords from charging your security deposit because they have to hire vendors to get rid of them. Donating furniture can also help free up much-needed space around your house. Additionally, it can provide a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you are making a difference in someone else’s life. So if you have any unwanted furniture sitting around your house and taking up space consider donating them!

What you need to know before donating furniture

Before donating furniture, it’s important to know its condition and any special requirements the receiving organization may have. Furniture and appliances should be clean and in good condition before they are donated. It’s also important to check if the organization you’re donating to can accept large items, as some organizations like Goodwill and small thrift stores may not be able to take them. Additionally, make sure you find out what type of large items are acceptable (e.g. mattresses, couches, bed frames, ect.). Lastly, research the charities or organizations that you want to donate to so you can be confident that your contribution will go to the place that you want.

Below are 10 organizations to consider. Some offer free furniture donation pick up while others may charge a small fee:

1. Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that works to provide affordable housing solutions to those in need. Their mission is to eliminate substandard housing by making quality, affordable homes accessible for all. Founded in 1976, Habitat for Humanity has grown from its roots as a local Georgia organization into an international movement with over 1,400 affiliates across the United States and in over 70 countries around the world. Through donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations; volunteer labor; home improvement projects; and advocacy efforts, Habitat for Humanity helps families build strength, stability, and self-reliance.

Donors can schedule a pick-up directly with their local Habitat for Humanity chapter or drop off their donations at the nearest ReStore location. All proceeds from the sales of donated items go towards building homes and providing housing solutions for those in need. Donation pickup is free, you can click here to schedule a donation pickup.


2. Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that has been providing compassionate and excellent humanitarian services since 1865. Their mission is to serve all people with love, respect, and dignity without discrimination. The Salvation Army’s work includes providing food, clothing, shelter and other basic needs; supporting prisoners, elderly people, refugees, and homeless individuals; running youth clubs and senior citizen centers; offering disaster relief services during natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes; helping victims of human trafficking or abuse; providing spiritual care through its churches around the world; and engaging in advocacy work on behalf of the disadvantaged.

The Salvation Army offers free scheduled pickup on all donations, so it’s easy and convenient for anyone looking to make a difference. With the help of the Salvation Army, you can turn your old furniture into something that will help someone in need.



AMVETS is an American organization dedicated to serving veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Founded in 1944, AMVETS stands for American Veterans and its mission is to help veteran and their families find success in civilian life. Donating furniture to AMVETS is a great way to help those who have served our country. All donations are tax-deductible and go directly toward supporting veteran programs and services. To donate furniture, simply schedule a pick-up with the local AMVETS office or contact them online. Once the furniture has been picked up, it will be inspected for quality and passed on to veterans in need.


4. Donation Town

Donation Town started in September 2008 as an online directory of charities that offer donation pick-up services. The idea behind Donation Town is that you can drop off your unwanted items at any of the designated locations throughout the city. Once your donations have been collected, they are taken back to the warehouse where they are sorted and priced for sale in their thrift stores.

They provide scheduled pick-up of your donations from homes and businesses in the area. Donation Town also provides volunteers to help with the donation process, providing a valuable service to those who may not have the ability to move or transport large pieces of furniture themselves.


5. GreenDrop

GreenDrop is a for-profit company that operates primarily on the east coast. They accept your donations and pay their nonprofit partners such as the American Red Cross, Big Brother Big Sisters, Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation, and the National Federation of the Blind for your donated items to help fund programs in the local community. Visit their site to find a drop-off location or schedule a pick-up of your furniture donations. 


6. Housing Works

Housing Works is a leading nonprofit organization that provides housing and supportive services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses in New York City. In addition to providing medical care and supportive services, they also help families in need with basic home furnishings. Through its Furniture Donation Program, this charity collects gently used furniture from generous donors and passes them to individuals and families to make their homes more comfortable. Housing Works also offers furniture donation pick-up services, you can schedule free furniture pickup here.


7. PickUpMyDonation

PickUpMyDonation was created in 2012 as a way to make the process of donating quick and easy.  Donors can use their web-based system to donate right from their phones, tablet, or computer. They serve as the connection point between pickup providers and donors to streamline the donating process. Over the year, they have contributed more than $116 Million in donated value to nonprofit organizations and have created a network of over 8,000 partners across the country. Visit their website to find a pickup provider near you to schedule a free donation pickup.


8. The Arc

The Arc is a non-profit organization that advocates for and serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For over sixty years, The Arc has been devoted to promoting respect and access to people with disabilities across the country while offering support services to those in need.  Many of their local chapters accept donations of physical items. If you would like to donate large items such as appliances, furniture, etc. Please contact the local chapter in your area to see if they accept them and schedule a free pickup.


9. The Furniture Bank Network

The Furniture Bank Network is a network of furniture banks across North America. Furniture banks help prevent thousands of pounds of furniture from ending up in landfills each year. This secondhand furniture finds new life back in its community helping families in need who cannot afford them. Not all furniture banks work the same so it’s best to contact them before you donate. Click here to find a furniture bank near you.


10. Pickup Please

Lastly, Pickup Please is another charity organization that supports Veterans across the US.  It’s an extension of the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA). Pickup Please hosts events each year to raise awareness for the needs of veterans and to honor their service. Pickup Please strive to pick up your donated items within 24hr and for Free.  They generally don’t accept large furniture items, only those items that can be carried by one person. You can read about it more here and also schedule a pickup.


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