Leasing Flow affordable tenant screening

VIDEO showing tenants how to save hundreds of dollars on application fees and get approved fast!

Video Subtitle:

“Tenants, Are you tired of getting your application rejected and wasting hundreds of dollars on application fees? Do you wish there is an easier way to get a property approved faster and cheaper? With Leasing Flow super low-cost tenant screening, we will help you to do just that.

Our tenant screening is just $35 for the first property you apply to, then it becomes only $5 for the next 30 days. Enabling you to apply to as many properties as you need to increase your chance without draining your bank. It also makes it more efficient for you to apply first and get approval from the landlords before going to view the property, saving you valuable time and gas money on properties you didn’t get approved. 

The landlords that you apply to will get a beautiful application from you with personalized messages and pictures that make it stand out. An easy-to-read TransUnion’s credit report, along with eviction and criminal background reports. Everything that they would need to screen you as a potential tenant. These reports are soft inquiries and will not damage your credit score regardless of how many properties you apply to. 

Start sending your application to your potential landlords today.  With Leasing Flow, you can trust that your next property approval will be the fastest and cheapest.”