Tenant screening saves time and money

Video demonstrating how Leasing Flow’s tenant screening can help landlords saves time and money.

Video Subtitle:

“Landlords, are you tired of showing your property to unqualified tenants? Do you wish there is an easier way to request the tenants to apply to your property first, so you can screen them before showing them your property? With Leasing Flow super low-cost tenant screening, we will help you to do just that.

Our tenant screening is just $35 for the first property the tenants apply to, then it becomes only $5 for the next 30 days, allowing the tenants to apply to multiple properties at a fraction of the cost. So it makes perfect sense for the tenants to apply to your property first, and know the results before spending time viewing it. You will also save valuable time by only showing your property to qualified tenants. And all you have to do is just send the tenants a screening request.

Once the tenants applied, you will get a comprehensive tenant screening which includes an improved online application that the tenants filled out. A detailed TransUnion credit report that includes credit score, payment histories, collection, and more. An eviction and criminal background report that accessed over 200 million records, both from national and state databases. These reports are soft inquiries and will not damage the tenant’s credit.

Send your potential tenants a screening request today! With Leasing Flow, you can trust that you’re showing and leasing your property to the most qualified tenant.”