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How TransUnion SmartMove Can Help You Screen Your Tenants?

As a landlord or property management company, finding a trustworthy tenant is crucial. One way to ensure that you’re renting to someone reliable is by using TransUnion SmartMove, a tenant screening service that provides a comprehensive screening report. In this article, we’ll explore the features of SmartMove tenant screening and how it can benefit landlords, and property management companies.

What is TransUnion SmartMove?

SmartMove is a product provided by TransUnion Rental Screening Solutions (TURSS), one of the big three major credit bureaus in the United States. It’s a tenant screening product that allows landlords to request a full credit report, criminal background check, eviction history, and income insights on renters. The service is entirely online, making it easy and convenient for landlords and property managers to use.

Credit Report and Criminal Background Check

The tenant screening report provided by SmartMove includes essential information such as the tenant’s credit score and criminal background history. The service checks various consumer reporting agencies to gather data on the tenant’s credit information, including their FICO score. The criminal background report checks for any criminal data associated with the potential tenant.

Income Insights and Eviction Reports

SmartMove’s income insights report is another essential feature of the screening process. It provides landlords with a summary of the tenant’s income, employment history, and any income sources that they may have. This information is critical in ensuring that the tenant can afford the rent and will not default on payments. The eviction search looks into the renter’s rental history by checking the national eviction database to see if the potential tenant has been evicted from any previous rentals.

SmartMove Database

TransUnion SmartMove maintains a large database of consumer reporting agency data. This includes data from major credit reporting agencies and national eviction databases. The database is updated regularly to ensure that the most current information is included in the screening report. This helps to ensure that landlords and property management companies have access to accurate and up-to-date information about potential tenants.

Tenant Involvement in the Smartmove Screening Process

One of the benefits of using SmartMove is that it involves the renter in the screening process. Once a renter submitted a rental application and pays the application fee, landlords request a screening report, the tenant receives an email requesting them to authorize the screening request. This help landlords ensure that the tenant is aware of the screening process and understands the importance of providing accurate information.

TransUnion SmartMove and Landlords

Using Transunion tenant screening can be a significant advantage for many landlords. The service allows them to make informed decisions on prospective tenants and minimize the risk of renting to someone who may cause problems in the future. The screening process is easy to use and provides landlords with a comprehensive report on prospective tenants.

Property management companies can also benefit from using SmartMove. The service provides a comprehensive screening report that can help property management companies find reliable tenants quickly and efficiently.

How to Use TransUnion SmartMove

Using TransUnion SmartMove is a straightforward process. First, landlords or property management companies create an account on the SmartMove website. From there, they can request a screening report by entering the potential tenant’s name and email address. The tenant will then receive an email asking them to authorize the screening request. Once the tenant has authorized the request, SmartMove will generate a screening report and send it to the landlord or property management company.

Pricing for TransUnion SmartMove

TransUnion SmartMove is not a free service. The cost of using TransUnion SmartMove varies depending on the type of screening report requested. Basic screening reports start around $25, while more comprehensive reports can cost up to $45. Landlords and property management companies can choose which reports to include in the screening process based on their needs and budget including income verification reports.

Limitations of TransUnion SmartMove

While TransUnion SmartMove is an effective tenant screening service, it does have its limitations. For example, the service only checks for criminal data associated with the potential tenant and may not catch all criminal activity. Additionally, the income insights report may not provide a complete picture of the tenant’s financial situation, as it only includes income sources that are reported to the credit reporting agencies.

Alternatives to TransUnion SmartMove

While TransUnion SmartMove is a popular tenant screening service, it’s not the only option available. Some other popular tenant screening services include LeasingFlow, MyRental, and Experian Connect. These services offer similar features to SmartMove, including credit checks, criminal background checks, and national eviction reports. LeasingFlow also offers many other useful tools to landlords such as rental property marketing, online rental application, the ability for tenants to request maintenance online, etc.

Best Practices for Tenant Screening

Regardless of which tenant screening service landlords and property management companies use, it’s important to follow best practices to ensure that the screening process is fair and legal. Best practices include being consistent in the screening process, providing applicants with a copy of the screening report, and complying with fair housing laws. By following these best practices, landlords and property management companies can minimize the risk of legal issues arising from the tenant screening process.

Final Thought

TransUnion SmartMove is an excellent tenant screening service that provides landlords and property management companies with a comprehensive screening report. The service is easy to use, involves the tenant in the screening process, and can help minimize the risk of renting to someone who may cause problems in the future. While it does have its limitations, it remains a popular choice among landlords and property management companies. Ultimately, the decision to use TransUnion SmartMove or another tenant screening service will depend on individual needs and preferences.

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